We Believe in Maintenance

“Minutes of prevention could be worth hours of lost productivity”

Even the most sophisticated hardware and software require routine maintenance to keep computer and network systems running optimally. Vendors are continually releasing maintenance updates such as operating system corrections, firmware updates, software patches, virus definitions and security vulnerability patches. Performance degradation is usually a result of system saturation, fragmentation and misconfiguration caused by prolonged use. Platinum Coast Technology’s Maintenance specialists use the latest tools to proactively identify and correct existing and potential problems as well as optimize network performance.

Maintenance Agreements

What is a Maintenance Agreement?
Our way of being proactive via regularly scheduled service on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

Why are Maintenance Agreement needed?
Scheduled service ensures system stability and reduces support costs resulting from unexpected problems.

What are the benefits of a maintenance agreement?
Unlimited email support
Telephone and remote support
Reduced downtime – maintenance reduces the risk of computer and network outages
Reduced hourly rates on additional services
Priority Service – contracted clients receive priority over other clients

What services are performed during a maintenance visit?

  • Perform Hardware Diagnostics
  • Update Virus Defense System
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Verify Data Backup System
  • Apply Latest Operating System Service Packs
  • Apply Latest Security Updates
  • Apply Latest BIOS Updates
  • Apply Latest firmware updates
  • Router, Firewall and Server Log Review
  • Periodic Information Technology Report
  • Network Health Analysis
  • Updated Network Documentation

How much does a Maintenance Agreement cost?

Platinum Coast Technology’s Maintenance Agreements are designed to minimize support costs by providing customized maintenance, support and consultation services to meet the specific needs of your business. Contact us for a customized quotation.